Impregnating Pitch

The impregnating-grade coal tar pitch is a special type of coal tar pitch, which has a very low content ( < 0.10 %) of Quinoline Insolubles (QI). Jalan Group has indigenously developed this grade of Pitch and the same is being manufactured only by a few companies world-wide. It is used in large quantities to densify graphite electrodes, employed in steel and chemical industry.

Hard Pitch

We manufacture all grades of Hard Coal Tar Pitch with Softening Point ranging from 60 to 140 Deg C as per the requirements of the customer. The main uses are in Aluminium, Graphite Electrodes, Refractories, Carbon Paste etc.

Fuel Oil

Coal Tar based Fuel Oil is a very cost effective alternative to petroleum based fuel oils. With similar levels of Calorific Value it contains lower levels of Sulphur, making it a more favourable choice of the consumers. It is also low in viscosity making it easier to store and also there is no need of pre-heating the material before burning.

Carbon Black Feedstock (CBFS – Coal Tar Based)

Jalan Group has very effectively developed Coal Tar based Carbon Black Feed Stock, which is a better substitute of Petroleum based CBFS. The BMCI can be as high as 160+ and the yield is much higher compared to Petroleum based CBFS. We manufacture various grades of Coal Tar Oils used as CBFS such as Anthracene Oil, Tar Oil & Carbon Black Oil.

Creosote Oil

We take pride in producing Creosote Oils as per the customer’s requirements. Creosote Oil can be used for many applications including Wash Oil, Wood Preservatives, Black Phenyl, Dyes & Intermediaries etc.

Crude Naphthalene

We produce Crude Naphthalene which when further purified is used as a precursor to other chemicals – mainly Phthalic Anhydride & Beta-Naphthol. Naphthalene is also widely used for making mothballs.